The latest Urdu news & Pakistani news trend in Pakistan’s business class

The Pakistani business community has been interested in the latest Urdu and Pakistani news from the very beginning. The trend of higher education in Pakistan’s business community has been low. Because they turn their new generation to business from the beginning after completing their basic education.
The result is that these people are not as familiar with foreign languages, especially English, as they are with Urdu, or they know some native and local languages. Businessmen based in Punjab are mostly interested in the latest Urdu news and Pakistani news. Such is the situation of Karachi traders.
Karachi businessmen also listen to the latest Urdu news and are always anxious to know it, but at the same time they are equally interested in Pakistani news, that is, news that is written specifically from Pakistan’s point of view.
When we move from urban Sindh to rural Sindh, we get interested in Urdu as well as Sindhi language. Ordinary people attach great importance to Sindhi language along with Urdu news but this does not mean that the importance of Pakistani news is diminished but it remains in place.
When we talk about Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, we see that there may be some people who are interested in Urdu news but most of them will focus on the latest Pashto news because that is the trend there. People usually speak Pashto and use it in their daily lives.
But this does not mean that Pashto speaking people are not interested in Pakistani news, not at all, those who listen to Pashto news, even while listening to Pashto news, the focus of their interest is Pakistan anyway.
When we go to Quetta, we get mixed up again, here the business class listens to the latest Urdu news as well as Balochi news and Brahui and Makrani languages, but here Pashto language is equally important. Yes, because Pashto is also spoken by a large number of people living in Balochistan.
Pakistan News International (PNI) has provided a platform for all these people living in Pakistan where they can read the news of their interest in full.

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