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Nokia PC Suite


Nokia PC Suite – a manager designed for Nokia company’s mobile phones, computers to edit and sync almost all data. Software enables uploading, reproducing phone files, multimedia messages, editing media files or applications on the phone, etc. Nokia PC Suite find the latest information for your mobile phone and from the popular portal Ovi Able to download audio files. Also Nokia PC Suite allows you to use your phone as a modem to connect to the internet via a USB cable or configure it Wi-Fi connection. Nokia PC Suite

Nokia pc suite is free of cast application that manage your nokia mobile phone file & phone files and content on your Microsoft Windows PC The app allows you to transfer data between your mobile device and your computer or laptop. Additionally, you can send text messages within the platform. Your cellphone can be synced to your PC through various methods, including Bluetooth, infrared, or a USB cable connection. this website offer a free download at nokia pc suite now.


Nokia PC Suite for Windows
File size:
67.96 MB
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 8.1,
  • Windows 10
Available languages:
  • English,
  • German,
  • Spanish,
  • French,
Date added:
Wednesday, July 4th 2012

Nokonto is an alternative to Windows Nokia PC Suite but for GNU / Linux systems. NuConto is designed specifically for Ubuntu, but it is possible to install it in another distribution because the source code can be downloaded and compiled, this is currently the beta version. Nokia PC Suite

Free Download Nokia PC Suite

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