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Vnrom bypass apk is one of the best applications that can be used to bypass FRP or Factory Reset Protection on your android devices.

Now the main question is what is FRP and why is it necessary to bypass FRP if you have forgotten your Gmail credentials?

Factory Reset Protection (FRP), is a security feature for Android devices with Android OS Version 5.1 (Lollipop) and above. FRP provides a built-in security feature that you can use to protect your device and information, including screen lock and data encryption. FRP is automatically enabled when a Google Account is registered on the device and will be disabled if the Google Account is removed from the device before Factory Data Reset. If FRP is enabled, it will prevent the use of your device after resetting Factory Data to an unreliable location. This means that if your device is reset to factory reset in any way other than Settings> General Management> Reset> Data Reset, FRP Lock will be enabled

When you perform a Factory Data Reset, all settings are restored to factory defaults and all personal data is deleted, including downloaded files and applications. If Google FRP is enabled, you will need to enter your Google account information before performing the initial setup on the device.

VnROM Bypass – VnROM Net Bypass APK Download

If your device is lost or stolen and was a Factory Data Reset in an untrusted location, this will create an FRP lock.

It can be a problem if you sell, trade, or give the phone away without replacing it, however. How it works explains why.

You must sign in with the phone’s “owner” account (which you used to set up) to reset it as before. That means if you give me your phone, I can’t reset it without you signing in. There are random workarounds on the Internet, but they tend to get caught as soon as they become available. You will need to know the login details for the last account to use the phone before you can reset it and create a new owner account.

We are bitten by this ourselves. We send calls all over North America and the UK, and sometimes it’s easy to forget you’re still logging in when you put the phone in the box. And yes, we end up sharing a password to go through the initial setup because of some policies Google has in place to protect your account.

This is a bit confusing, but usually, we remember one critical rule: If you change or reset your Google Account password, you can’t use it to erase the phone you use for 72 hours.

What do I need to know about FRP?

If you want to reset your device to factory defaults in an undisclosed location, make sure you know your Google account login details as you will need to sign in once you have reset your device. If you want to reset your device to default, but don’t remember your Google Account credentials, you can do one of the following:

Check your Google Account settings and reset your password on the device or at

  1. If you reset your password, it may take 24-72 hours for the password reset to be synchronized with all devices registered in the account.
  2. If you enter this password incorrectly on the device, the time restarts for another 24-72 hours to sync with your registered device

If you’ve already reset your device, but don’t remember your Google username and/or password, this device can’t be used. If so, please do the following:

  1. If you know your Google Account username but can’t remember the password, you can reset your password on the device, or at It may take 24-72 hours for the new password to be synced on all registered devices. Try signing in to your device with a new password later.
  2. If you do not remember any of your Google Account information, and FRP Lock has been processed, visit one of our Authorized Help Centers for professional help. Please make sure you have your Purchase credentials showing proof of ownership of your device.

If you want to reset your device to default, make sure you know your Google account login details as you will need to sign in once you have reset your device.

How can the vnrom bypass application help you in such a situation?

The vnrom bypass application is used to bypass the FRP on your android device, which simply means that you don’t have to dig down deep into videos and blogs to find a solution for your device not to get locked, you just have to install this application and follow the steps, rest will be done automatically.

Vnrom bypass apk features

Trusted app:

Vnrom has numerous users that have already used it to bypass their FRP lock and the database is increasing, this is because vnrom is a highly trusted and an authenticated application to bypass the FRP lock, the app guarantees to do its dedicated job successfully, and that too in much lesser time.

Also, the application does not indulge with any other system information or user data on your device, the app is just made to bypass the lock and make your device safe to use, otherwise, it wouldn’t be of any use for you.

Compatible app:

As the FRP lock was included with all the devices with android 5.1 and higher, so the need to make an application that is diverse and is compatible with all the android versions, thanks to vnrom apk, it is compatible with almost all of the android versions, that means you can use this application with which every android version or device type you have. Vnrom bypass apk Free of Cast .

No registration:

You would already be in a lot of tension that your mobile should not get locked, and in this scenario, we just want to help you and we do not make the process complicated.

The vnrom application asks for no registration, you just have to install the application and start using its features, no need to log in or register before using the app to bypass the FRP lock.

Easy to use:

The process and the terms that we have used might feel a bit confusing to you or seem pretty complex but when you will install this apk you will notice that the steps to make this application bypass your FRP are very easy and not complex, the app is developed in such a way that even layman can use this application to performs the desired operations.

Amazing UI:

They say “The first impression is the last impression”, keeping in mind, the developers have worked hard to make the User interface attractive and as easy to use as it can be, the options are not hidden deep down anywhere, there are simple steps and the UI helps you in navigating between each step and phase of bypass.

Add free app:

Usually, the applications use add to generate revenue for them, luckily you have found an app that is only used to help you in your much-needed situation, Vnrom app adds free, we don’t want that after each screen reload or button click you would be hit by an add, so to generate a better user experience and environment the vnrom app is add-free and you can navigate anywhere in the application without any hindrance or problems.

How to install the Vnrom app:

  1. Download the VNROM BYPASS APK and install it on USB.
  2. Connect USB using OTG cable.
  3. Turn on your Android device.
  4. Connect to a WiFi network.
  5. Then click or tap the Home button three times to activate speaking.
  6. A new menu will appear.
  7. Tap on “Talkback Settings”.
  8. Tap or press the home button 3 times again.
  9. Go for help and feedback.
  10. Go to “Get Started with Voice Access”.
  11. You will then see a YouTube video there and tap the play button.
  12. Then tap or click “Voice Start” on that video.
  13. It will take you to YouTube.
  14. Tap on the YouTube user icon.
  15. Then click on the Terms and Privacy Policy.
  16. Then tap cancel and press bookmarks.
  17. Go to the download history option.
  18. Now click on “My Files” which will allow you to unlock your USB.
  19. Install the APK from USB on your Android device.
  20. You can detect an unknown source error, simply set and enable unknown sources.
  21. After successful installation, go to settings and reset your phone.
  22. You can now set up your device without having to verify the old account.

How to use Vnrom apk

We will now give you a step-by-step process of how to use the vnrom apk to bypass your FRP lock.

  1. Power on your device and connect to your wifi network
  2. The next step is to go to the vnrom website from your android device and download the latest version of the Vnrom apk using any browser like chrome, firefox, etc…
  3. Now download the apk on your device
  4. Go to the Downloads folder on your mobile, and there you have to find the download vnrom apk, once you find it, click on it and a pop-up will appear.
  5. In the pop-up menu you will see the install button, click on that and the vnrom application will start to install on your android device
  6. After installing the vnrom application on your android device, you have to download the apex launcher apk on your device.
  7. Download the apex launcher and repeat the steps, go to the downloads folder find the downloaded apex launcher apk and click on it to install it.
  8. Once the apex launcher is installed on your android device you have to open Device settings and then go to Lock screen and Security.
  9. Then go to Other security settings, you can easily find it at the bottom of the screen
  10. Then open Device administrators
  11. Click on the deactivate button provided at the bottom left of your mobile screen
  12. The next step is to deactivate Google play services
  13. Go to Settings, then apps
  14. You will find Google play services, open it and then click on the Disable
  15. Now you have to ad google account
  16. Go to the Accounts that are located somewhere in your device settings
  17. Open Accounts
  18. Add your account
  19. Now go to the Apps Section again to Enable the Google Play Services.
  20. The last step is to enable all the disabled services to form Apps and Security
  21. Restart your device and that will do the work.

FRP from a security perspective

Security and privacy are especially important these days when we are exposed to the risk of compromising data at every moment of life. Factory reset protection is such mitigation for Android users that assures them that they keep their security from intruders and in case of bad lucks like lost or stolen devices. Contrary to previous times when reporting to cyber authorities was the only thing we had to do after the phone was lost, we now have access to data and account recovery from remote locations.

Benefits of the Factory Reset Protection

Factory reset protection greatly helps to keep the security of our Android device strong so, we have listed some of the benefits. See:

  1. It’s easy.
  2. Restoring your Factory settings, your phone will work better.
  3. Your Android device is fast.
  4. Free up space on your device.
  5. It can be done remotely.
  6. It is most useful in cases where your phone is lost or stolen.
  7. Helps with shooting steps.
  8. Data management.

We hope that this article would have helped you in finding the solution for the problem you are facing, although from the above discussion we can surely see FRP is a great thing for user device security but it doesn’t cover the cases when you want to sell or give away your device, the venom will always help you in such needs. Vnrom bypass apk Download free 100% on My Website


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FRP bypass is a difficult task to perform on any Android device. But when you find a tool or software to do this automatically, then it becomes a little easier for us. Therefore, users who are experiencing this type of problem can download Vnrom Bypass Apk for their phone.

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